Preventing Mold Buildup In The Drip Pan Of Your Air Conditioner

Mold buildup is a common problem with air conditioner drip pans. These pans are designed to collect water produced by your air conditioner, and any excess moisture that does not evaporate quickly attracts mold, a type of fungus that thrives in damp environments.Mold is not only unsightly, but it also poses a threat to the health of home occupants because it is both an irritant and an allergen.

preventing mold buildup in your a/c, Long Island, New York

To prevent mold buildup in air conditioner drip pans, consider these steps:

Prevent clogging in the drain line

Periodically check the drain line for any signs of clogging. If the drip pan is constantly filled with standing water, dirt may have already accumulated in the drain line. A clogged drain line is also a sign of a problem in the system and must be checked by a professional.

Use a bleach solution
If mold is already present, turn the A/C unit off and prepare a bleach solution made of 1 cup of bleach to 3 cups of water. Bleach kills fungus and will prevent mold buildup in the air-conditioning system.

Then, wet a wash cloth and clean the moldy areas. For hard-to-remove buildup, use a stiff toothbrush dipped in bleach. Once done, pour a strong bleach solution through the drain line right next to the drip pan. This step will remove any mold or mildew within the line that cannot be reached by manual cleaning. Do this every two or three months, or as needed.

Stop mold buildup
before it becomes a problem.
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Have the unit checked regularly
If, after doing the steps above, you still have a problem with mold buildup and excessive water in the A/C drip pan, call a technician right away. There may be a problem within the unit that needs repaired.

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