If You Don’t Know Anything About Your Home Air Conditioner, Remember These 7 Things

programmable thermostat helps your air conditioner, Long Island, New York

Here are Some Important Facts About Your AC

Here  on Long Island our summer days are beautiful, yet incredibly hot and equally humid. So it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to run their air conditioners nearly every day. Naturally, you don’t want to spend these glorious summer days worrying about the state of your home air conditioner. And with proper care and maintenance, you don’t have to.  

Just remember these seven basic tips to keep your A/C unit running smoothly:

  • Remember the filter — Both central and window A/C units contain a filter that, when dirty, causes the A/C to use far more energy than a clean one. You should install a new filter about once a month for best results.
  • Install a programmable thermostat — The easiest way to control your central air conditioner’s settings–and save energy–is with one of these handy gadgets.
  • Insulate — Proper insulation plays an important role in keeping your home cool. Attics and crawl spaces require insulation to help maintain cooler indoor temperatures.
  • Give your outdoor unit some space — Many outdoor units can become surrounded by vegetation. In order for the compressor and condenser to work efficiently, give the unit at least 2 feet of space that’s free of grass, shrubs, and so forth. Furthermore, locating the unit in the shade can also improve its efficiency.
  • Keep the sun out — Drawing the shades and keeping your home free from direct sunlight lowers your home’s cooling load, and makes for a more efficient unit.
  • Schedule yearly maintenance — Consider the parts inside an A/C: Coils, fan belts, filters, blowers and fans, motors and bearings, refrigerant and pressure. It sounds like a car, but really we’re talking about your air conditioner! All of these parts require cleaning and replacement from time to time. Scheduling a yearly checkup, preferably before the hot weather hits, can ensure that your A/C will perform at its best.
  • Keep your house open — Avoid closing off rooms to airflow. When too many doors are shut, the air conditioner’s pressure balance and airflow can be thrown off, causing the unit to work less efficiently and making for a stuffy house.

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