How UV Lights Work To Reduce Biological Contaminants In Your Home

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As an addition to any existing home air-purification device you may have, UV lights are an effective tool for further reducing biological contaminants throughout your home.

Air-purification technology
Most home air-purification systems use a high-efficiency filter to capture and hold airborne contaminants and particulates such as dust, pollen and dander. These filters will also capture some of the biological contaminants in your indoor air, such as viruses and bacteria, but will not remove them all.

UV-light technology
Ultraviolet (UV) lights are extremely effective at removing biological contaminants from your home’s air. Together, high-performance air purification and UV lights are a very potent combination for getting rid of both particulates and biological contaminants.

UV light is a very powerful disinfectant used by hospitals, food production facilities and other industries where sanitation is vitally important. Humans cannot see UV light, but it is no less effective for being invisible.

How UV lights work
When exposed to UV lights, biological contaminants, organic matter and microorganisms such as viruses, mold spores, bacteria, germs and other microscopic organisms are rendered harmless. The light damages the organisms’ DNA by breaking apart their molecular bonds. This fundamental damage makes them incapable of reproducing.

If these biological contaminants and microorganisms cannot multiply, they cannot invade your body and make you ill. They will not be able to grow in number and cause your family problems with disease, respiratory issues, allergies or other physical conditions.

Whole-house systems
Bacteria and related microorganisms and biological contaminants must be directly exposed to UV light for it to be effective, but takes only a few seconds of exposure for the light to do its work.

Most UV-purification systems are designed to be installed inside your forced-air furnace or air conditioner. In this way, microorganisms in the system’s airflow are exposed to and destroyed by the UV light, and clean air is then delivered into your home.

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