Tackle End-of-Season Air Conditioner Maintenance to Prolong System Life

end-of-season a/c maintenance, Long Island, New YorkAs the seasons change, so do your heating and air conditioning requirements.

The end of the air conditioning season means it’s time to take care of some end-of-season A/C maintenance to keep your unit in peak operating condition, avoid costly repairs and extend the system’s life span.

A/C Maintenance to Tackle for Fall

  • Change your filter. This is the easiest task for a homeowner to perform. Make sure the replacement air filter is the right size and type. If you have any doubt about which kind to purchase, take your old filter to the store with you.
  • Clean the exterior. A dirty or clogged air conditioner has to work harder, and thus provides less cooling power while costing more to run. Clean the outside fins with a brush or garden hose — never a power washer — to keep airflow at maximum. It’s also a good idea to give it one last cleaning before you shut it down for the season.
  • Remove obstructions. Make sure there’s nothing that can block a good strong airflow into the A/C unit. Sweep away leaves and debris, and trim back hedges or plants to have a nice margin of space around the air conditioner. Plants should be kept at least two feet away from the unit.
  • Get a tune-up. At least once a year, have an A/C professional give your unit the once over. Maintenance plans can be real system savers, whether you tackle these DIY tips or not.
  • Cover it up. When you’re ready to shut your air conditioner down for the season, drain hoses and cover the outdoor unit with a piece of plywood to protect it from winter’s ice and snow. The experts recommend against wrapping the unit in a tarp or plastic because any trapped moisture will encourage rust.

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