Bump In The Night: Furnace Sounds That Mean It’s Time To Call A Pro

furnace sounds, Long Island, New YorkSnap, crackle, pop is fine in your cereal bowl, but not so fine when it’s coming from your furnace. How can you tell when those creaks and bumps in the night warrant a repair call? Here’s how to diagnose some furnace noises:

  • If you notice a vibrating noise that’s gradually getting worse, especially from an older furnace, it may be from a fan mounted directly with metal supports. After a few years, the mounts can loosen, causing a vibrating noise when the fan kicks on. To correct this, stop the fan and tighten any loose nuts and bolts. If you continue to hear the noise, place your hand in different spots on the housing to dampen the noise. You may find the cover, for example, quiets down when wedged in tighter. If this doesn’t work and you can’t ignore the noise, call a repairman.
  • A loud whine is often a dying exhaust fan motor. If you haven’t replaced your motor in the last 15 to 20 years, replacing it will often correct this noise.
  • Burners may emit a loud, low rumble when they ignite. Older models have open burners that can often be heard far away from the furnace. Usually the only solution is to replace the furnace with a newer, high-efficiency model that has a sealed combustion chamber. This would be a good time to call.

Contact the friendly experts at T.F. O’Brien Heating & Cooling if you have any questions about a noisy furnace. We have proudly served Long Island for more than 75 years. Our technicians will be glad to fix any furnace that goes bump in the night, and if you repair or replace your furnace now, you will be ahead of the game for next winter .

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Furnace repair image via Shutterstock