How to Keep the Second Story of Your Long Island Home Comfortably Cool

keep the upstairs cool, Long Island, New YorkDuring warmer months, Long Island homeowners rely on their air conditioning system to reduce the rising temperatures. Unfortunately, many people run into a problem trying to keep the upstairs cool since heat rises.

There are, however, some additional steps you can take to make sure your second story is comfortable year-round.

Tips to Keep the Upstairs Cool

  • Add insulation to your attic. Using insulation with an R-value of 30 will provide energy-efficient temperature control throughout the year.
  • Ensure that your soffit vents aren’t blocked. If your attic is hot, it’s difficult to keep the upstairs cool. Power vents and ridge vents can help to reduce the temperature in the attic.
  • Air seal windows. A significant amount of your conditioned air can escape through openings around windows, so close them up with caulk or weatherstripping.
  • Pull drapes and window shades. Block sunlight to reduce the amount of heat energy that enters through windows. Light-colored window coverings work best.
  • Regularly check and replace air filters. Dirty filters reduce airflow, which results in higher temperatures due to a less efficient air conditioner.
  • Open the registers on the second floor and partially close the registers on the first floor. This simple action will help direct cold air upstairs. Just be sure not to close the first floor registers completely.
  • Check supply registers for obstructions, moving furniture and other items as needed.
  • Use ceiling and floor fans to help circulate air. This prevents cooler air from collecting near the floor.
  • Have the pressure levels checked in your air conditioner. The air conditioner may not operate at its optimal level if refrigerant levels are low.
  • Use a garden hose to gently wash away any debris that has collected on or around the outside air conditioning unit. Make sure the unit is turned off prior to cleaning.
  • Install duct fans to help force cool air out of the ducts on the second floor.
  • Call a reputable, professional HVAC technician to inspect and review your cooling system.

For more information on how to keep the upstairs cool or for answers to any other home comfort concerns, contact the pros at T.F. O’Brien Cooling & Heating. We’ve proudly serving Long Island homeowners since 1934.

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