How to Keep the Second Story of Your Long Island Home Comfortably Cool

keep the upstairs cool, Long Island, New YorkDuring warmer months, Long Island homeowners rely on their air conditioning system to reduce the rising temperatures. Unfortunately, many people run into a problem trying to keep the upstairs cool since heat rises. Continue reading “How to Keep the Second Story of Your Long Island Home Comfortably Cool”

The Heat Lurking in Your Attic: Is It Creeping Into Your Home?

heat in attic, Long Island, New YorkIf only heat in attic spaces stayed up there, it wouldn’t be a problem. But when solar energy radiating through the roof raises attic temperatures up to 150 degrees in summer, it becomes an issue for the whole house, not just the attic. Continue reading “The Heat Lurking in Your Attic: Is It Creeping Into Your Home?”

Boosting Your Indoor Air Quality, From Basement to Bedroom

indoor air quality, Long Island, New YorkEach Room of Your Home Presents Different Air Quality Problems


As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the indoor air quality is clean and safe for all the occupants in the house. The different rooms attract a variety of pathogens that reduce the overall indoor air quality. Knowing what the contaminants in each room are allows you to address them and the risks they pose. Continue reading “Boosting Your Indoor Air Quality, From Basement to Bedroom”

Your Airtight Home Needs a Ventilating System, and Here’s Why

ventilating system, Long Island, New YorkHow Air Moves Through Your Home Helps Determine Comfort

Nowadays, efficient home are known to be airtight. Most all of the heating and cooling remains where it’s needed and intended, while saving hundreds of dollars on your electric bill throughout the year. However, if you’re lucky enough to have an airtight Long Island home, you may not realize you could benefit from a proper ventilating system to refresh the air you are breathing. Continue reading “Your Airtight Home Needs a Ventilating System, and Here’s Why”

With Spot Control, Ventilating Fans Improve Indoor Air Quality

ventilating fans Long Island, NY areaAir Movement in Your Home Can Improve Comfort and Save You Money


Homes today are built to be almost airtight to improve energy efficiency. However, trapped air may be full of pollutants, odor, and moisture, so you need a way to ventilate your home with fresh air. Without proper ventilation, your family may experience health problems associated with contaminants such as fumes, radon, or formaldehyde, or mold may grow due to excessive moisture. Spot control, or removing pollutants where they’re produced, is critical to ensuring adequate ventilation. Continue reading “With Spot Control, Ventilating Fans Improve Indoor Air Quality”

Attic Ventilation Is Dependent On Your Insulation

Attic Ventilation Is Dependent On Your InsulationLearn How to Use Your Attic as a Cap on Your Home’s Conditioned Air


Attic insulation and attic ventilation are two things that work together to keep your Long Island home comfortable. They require neither fuel nor electricity, and they use no energy. The two go hand-in-hand to help you maintain a comfortable, balanced indoor environment. The combination of insulation and ventilation performs two critical functions: it works to reduce moisture and control temperature. Continue reading “Attic Ventilation Is Dependent On Your Insulation”

Attic Ventilation Increases Efficiency And Comfort

Proper Circulation in Your Attic Will Save on Energy Costs

New York weather is extreme. The winters can be frigid. The summers can bring unexpected heat waves. Because New Yorkers face a wide range of temperatures, our homes must be ready for anything. One important aspect to a comfortable, energy-efficient home is having a good attic ventilation system in place. Continue reading “Attic Ventilation Increases Efficiency And Comfort”

Long Island Residents: Get More Comfort With Dehumidifiers

Reducing Humidity Will Make You More Comfortable This Summer


Given the lay of our land, it is not surprising that excess moisture is a common problem in Long Island homes. High humidity — especially in July and August — can make your home uncomfortable, leading to mold, the proliferation of dust mites, and an increase in allergens. Have you noticed: Continue reading “Long Island Residents: Get More Comfort With Dehumidifiers”

Electronic Air Cleaner Options

Keeping Your Air Free of Pollutants Makes a Healthier Home


People tend to think of air pollution as an outdoor problem. However, quite often the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside (according to the EPA, substantially more polluted). Allergy, asthma and immunology experts have estimated that half of all illnesses are aggravated by, or even caused by, indoor air pollution, and the terms “sick building syndrome” and “building related illness” have come into use to describe instances where people become sick from simply being indoors. Continue reading “Electronic Air Cleaner Options”

Humidifier Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

A Well Maintained Whole House Humidifier Will Reap Benefits

A whole-house humidifier can make dry, indoor heat feel so much more comfortable. The humidity level in a home also helps keep the thermostat set a degree or two lower which helps on energy costs. Although the humidifier demands relatively little attention, there are a few things that the homeowner should occasionally check to make sure everything is in good working order. Continue reading “Humidifier Cleaning and Maintenance Tips”