3 Steps That Help You Prepare For An Annual Furnace Service Appointment

prepare for annual furnace service appointment, Long Island, New YorkLate Fall is Furnace Maintenance Time, Learn How You Can Help Us


Before the winter hits the Long Island area, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual service appointment for your furnace. Here are three simple steps you can follow to help the service call go smoothly, which will save you time and maybe even a bit of money:

Step No. 1: Evaluate the system’s performance

Thinking back to last year, consider how well the system performed. Were energy costs high? Did the furnace offer adequate heating and keep you and your family comfortable? Did it make any unusual noises? If the furnace was problematic, discuss the symptoms you noticed with the heating technician.

Maintenance service provides a comprehensive cleaning of the system to ensure it operates efficiently, as well as a full-scale inspection of the system’s components. During the inspection, the technician can look for components that are worn, or identify problematic areas that require attention.

Step No. 2: Know some information about the equipment

Obviously, you’ll want to know where your furnace is located. But to help prepare for an annual service appointment, it’s a good idea to also be aware of the location of your thermostat and circuit breakers. You should also know the make and model number of your existing equipment to expedite the process should the furnace require replacement parts or a filter change.

Step No. 3: Prepare for service on the day of the appointment

On the day of the appointment, ensure that an adult is present to allow the technician entry into the home. Further, you’ll generally be required to pay for the service immediately. Have a check or credit card information handy, and be sure to get a detailed description of the services performed as well as a receipt for your records. Most manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance in order to validate a warranty.

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