Take Advantage of Residential Energy Tax Credits for HVAC Purchases

residential energy tax credits, Long Island, New YorkThere is good news for consumers who have been hesitant to upgrade their heating and cooling systems. The federal government has reinstated the 25C residential energy tax credits for taxpayers for qualifying equipment.

These credits are retroactive to January 1, 2012, for previously installed equipment and are available until December 31, 2013, for new installations. Keep in mind that if you have received tax credits for previous HVAC upgrades dating back to 2005, you are subject to a $500 lifetime cap.

You may qualify for a tax credit ranging from $50 – $300 if you install:

  • High-efficiency electric heat pump water heater  with a minimum 2.0 EF or a gas, propane or oil water heater with a minimum EF of .82 or thermal efficiency of 90 percent or greater. ($300 credit)

High-efficiency furnace powered by gas, propane or oil with a 95 percent AFUE or greater ($150 credit)

  • Boiler powered by gas, propane or oil with a 95 percent AFUE or greater ($150 credit)
  • Air conditioners and heat pumps that are high-efficiency split or packaged systems that meet the highest efficiency CEE tier standards for SEER and EER ratings implemented on January 1, 2009 ($300 credit)
  • Upgrade of main air circulating fan for furnace that uses no more than 2 percent of the furnace’s entire energy usage ($50 credit)

Don’t miss out on this round of tax credits if you’ve been putting off upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system.

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