Ductwork Obstructions Might Be the Culprit When it Comes to Home Inefficiencies

ductwork obstructions, Long Island, New YorkCheck Your HVAC System’s Ductwork Regularly for Issues

If your energy bills were high this summer when you ran the air conditioner or you have uncomfortable spaces inside your home, you might have ductwork obstructions.

Anything that blocks the passage of air from the blower to each of your rooms interferes with the HVAC system’s efficient operation.

The ductwork system is an essential part of forced air heating and cooling systems, and when obstructions or leaks exist, the air that it’s supposed to deliver goes elsewhere, creating uneven temperatures throughout your home. Faulty ductwork drives up conditioning costs and can reduce the life of your HVAC equipment.

Common Ductwork Obstructions

  • A dirty air filter – When too much dust collects on the filter, airflow through the blower is obstructed, slowing its delivery to every room served by the ductwork. Dirty filters raise conditioning bills and shorten the life of your HVAC equipment.
  • Dirty fan blades inside the blower – Dirt slows the fan blades, resulting in reduced airflow.
  • Stuck dampers – When your heating system shuts off, the fire damper closes. If it becomes stuck, the ductwork the damper serves won’t receive airflow. Homes with zoning systems can also develop this problem.
  • Collapsed ductwork – If your home has flexible ductwork, it can collapse, creating major ductwork obstructions.
  • Loose insulation – Some ductwork has insulation around it, and over time, the insulation may break free and obstruct airflow.
  • Leaks in the ducts – When ducts develop leaks, the air rushes outside of the supply ducts at the leak, resulting in less conditioned air for the other spaces in your home.
  • Blocked registers – Accidentally closing a supply or return register will block airflow, as will blocking them with furniture or household items.

Keeping the air filter for the system clean and checking the registers from time to time will help avoid some of the most common blockages. Having your HVAC system professionally maintained and the ductwork inspected at the same time solves existing problems and helps avoid future issues.

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