Gas Furnaces And Boilers Can Be Dangerous To Operate — 3 Tips

gas furnaces and boilers, Long Island, New YorkGas furnaces and boilers operate by burning highly flammable, combustible fuel. As a result, ensuring their safe operation is paramount. This is a task that’s best left to a professional service technician, who will ensure that the equipment is safe to operate, and that you and your family are protected.  

A properly trained technician will perform the following services when you schedule a maintenance call to make sure your furnace or boiler operates safely and efficiently, saving you money on energy consumption and promoting safety.

  • A close inspection will determine whether the unit leaks fuel (or water), or contains evidence of soot, rust, rot or any frayed or loose electrical wires. Any single one of these problems, or a combination of them, means gas furnaces and boilers are not safe to operate, and the problem should be addressed immediately.
  • By running your furnace or boiler through a full heating cycle, the technician will be able to evaluate whether there is sufficient combustion air and a safe venting system for carbon monoxide. The technician will also check for any carbon monoxide leaks at this time, as this odorless gas can prove fatal if it leaks into your home.
  • The technician will clean the entire system, paying close attention to the burner and heat exchanger, as the soot buildup may not only cause them to operate inefficiently, but can also cause safety hazards.

The most important step you can take to prevent safety hazards when gas furnaces or boilers are in operation: Make sure you have properly installed and functioning carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Maintenance itself also goes a long way toward ensuring home safety. Be sure that you schedule an annual service appointment for your gas furnace or boiler.

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